What is Sports Massage?​

A sports massage is a massage that is aimed at stimulating blood circulation in the muscles.  With this type of massage, you ensure that waste in your muscles is removed faster.  That way you can speed up the recovery process of your muscles and body.

Why sports massage?

For example, you can take a deep tissue massage or a sports massage a few days before a considerable effort or a few days after. Sports massages are also used preventively to prevent injuries. If you already suffer from an injury, then a massage treatment ensures a quicker recovery.

How does a sports massage work at Massage San Jose Costa Rica?

A sports massage involves a strong massage, where, for example, the connective tissue is loosened and knots are removed from your muscles. For that, the massage therapist of Massage San Jose Costa Rica, massages deep into the splits, which sometimes feels uncomfortable.  Remember that you have to bite the bullet before you start to feel better. What this pain, your body indicates that something is not right and that needs to be corrected by the sports massage therapist.

Remember that our sports masseur will always keep an eye on whether the massage is not getting too intense. Before the massage starts, our therapist will discuss with you what you need at that moment. You can also indicate what you want to achieve with the massage and where the focus of the massage should be.  For example, on your legs, shoulders, neck, or back.

What is the effect of sports massages?

A specific massage therapy like this improves blood circulation in your muscles. This makes that waste is removed faster.  This promotes the recovery of your body and you prevent injuries due to overloading your muscles.  Because this massage treatment is fairly firm, it is not suitable just before or after a major effort.  With that, you would put too much strain on your muscles and you would experience a disadvantage rather than an advantage.

If you want to get a massage just before you make a big effort.  Then always opt for a massage that does not put too much strain on the muscles. We will also you about this and adjust your massage accordingly.

Benefits of sports massage

Because this massage ensures that waste in your body is better removed, you help your body to recover faster.  Moreover, with an athletic massage, you avoid overloading your muscles and therefore injuries.  You can also use this massage to activate your splits, for example at the start of a training course or if you have not done anything for a while.  Put a track because even if you are not an athlete you will certainly benefit from a  massage.

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