What is a relax massage?

relax massage is first and foremost a soft and calm version of the classic therapeutic massage. It is intended for those who want to relax their muscles and body in a friendly way.

A relaxed body will also provide mental relaxation. When you take regularly a relaxing massage it also has a preventive effect. This is because the body stores this relaxation in body memory and can refer to it increasingly easily. This can prevent the recurrence of discomfort and complaints.

16 benefits of a relax massage:

During and immediately after a relaxation massage, you experience its beneficial influence of it. A relaxing massage can provide:

  1. Better blood circulation.
  2. Purify the body by removing waste faster.
  3. Faster muscle recovery.
  4. Restores splint cramps and gives you back lost muscle strength.
  5. Loosen up your cramped muscles.
  6. Improves your mobility.
  7. Boost your energy level.
  8. Increases resistance.
  9. Reduce the stress level
  10. Strengthens your immune system
  11. Helps against exhaustion
  12. Working against depression Less sensitive
  13. Good digestion, healthy intestinal flora, and a smooth bowel movement
  14. Brings your hormones back into balance
  15. Ensures better concentration and a stronger nervous system
  16. Makes you less susceptible to colds, flu, and respiratory infections such as bronchitis

Getting a more flexible and relaxed body

A relaxation massage can of course also work without you having physical complaints. In addition to the advantages already mentioned, a relaxation massage also ensures the recovery of the self-healing capacity of our body. During a relaxation massage, tensions that have been built up in the past period away, and the mind comes to rest.

The massage also works in prevention and ensures that stress and unpleasant situations are more easily released and not stored in the body. Sometimes such a massage teaches us that muscles feel tighter, firmer, and harder than we realize ourselves. This is often the result of prolonged stress on the same muscles or muscle groups, of maintaining the same posture for a long time. for example, realize.

This is often the result of prolonged stress on the same muscles or muscle groups, long periods of maintaining the same posture, for example through office work, or sitting in the car a lot. Extra attention is paid to these muscle groups during a relaxation massage. You often experience a remarkable improvement after the first treatment.

This is what you can expect when you book a relax massage at Massage San Jose Costa Rica?

During a relaxation massage, you lie on your back as well as on your stomach. Our massage therapist will make use of various techniques during the massage, such as:

  1. Stroking movements.
  2. Knocking.
  3. Shaking.
  4. Vibrating.

These movements mainly provide relaxation and rest for the body and soul. During the massage, the pressure can always be adjusted to personal wishes as to the guest’s request.

Points for attention, injuries, and health complaints can also be discussed prior to the massage complaints. to inform the therapist of pregnancy, It is always important to inform us about your medical condition, diseases, pregnancy, and discomfort.

Scheduling a relax massage​ now

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