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The Massage services we offer at Massage San Jose Costa Rica

Thai Massage, what to expect?

During the Thai massage, you can relax while massage therapist does her job. She will keep contact with your body through the hands. The massage thechniques used are creative. Your joints are cracked by pulling your fingers and toes, your limbs are placed in different positions and gravity is used to stretch your back and leg muscles. Your entire body is covered during the massage. When one side of your body is done, you will be asked to turn around so that the other side can also be massaged according to Thai tradition.

Thai massage session performedImportant to know when you book a Thai massage

In order for the massage to run smoothly, you are advised to wear loose-fitting clothing in which you feel comfortable and which do not interfere with your movements. The massage helps relieve sore muscles, provides relaxation and improves your general feeling of well-being. A Thai massage is, therefore, a ‘perfect moment’ to fully stretch and stretch your body and relax from head to toe.

What is a deep tissue massage

A deep tissue massage is a form of massage that is used to remedy chronic muscle tension and other injuries. Although some handles are the same as Swedish massage, they are slower during the exercise and more pressure is applied to problem areas. The masseur can use elbows, forearms, fingers and knuckles to remedy adhesions. These adhesions can be painful and can also cause obstruction while moving, resulting in a stiff neck, back pain, stiff legs or sore shoulders. to cause deep inflammation.

deep tissue massage in San Jose Costa Rica

Is a deep tissue massage something for me?

Specific problem, such as chronic muscle pain, nerve pain or rehabilitation after injury. There are many problems that can be treated with a deep tissue massage, including a whiplash, chronic tension, poor A deep tissue massage usually focuses on posture, sciatica, sport injury or muscle spasms. It has also been found that this massage is much more effective at reducing pain in osteoarthritis than, for example, physiotherapy, medication chiropractic, acupuncture, an adapted diet or glucosamine. In addition, a deep tissue massage is recommended against pain in rheumatism or fibromyalgia.

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