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Why choosing a relaxing Massage at Massage San Jose Costa Rica?

The reasons to choose for a relax massage therapy are very varied and differ from person to person. The majority of all those who regularly have a relaxing massage primarily want to reduce their stress. This because stress can be the cause of the most diverse health problems, such as:

– Pain and chronic pain
– Stiff and aching muscles
– All types of back pain
– Neck and shoulder complaints
– Headache and migraine

What is a deep tissue massage?

A Deep Tissue massage a powerful massage that has a deep effect on the body. Deep Tissue massage does not necessarily focus on the muscles, but especially on the connective tissue around your muscles.

Connective tissue forms continuously for example, are you in the wrong position for a long time. then the connective tissue that forms between your muscles ensures that you are ‘more firmly in that wrong position. It therefore pays to massage this connective tissue with a deep tissue massage, so that there is room for the weather and your muscles feel more flexible.

deep tissue massage in San Jose Costa RicaWho benefit the most from a deep tissue massage?

Certainly people who sit behind a computer for a whole day benefit from a deep tissue massage. A deep tissue massage is also very good for your skin: it helps against skin aging or smoker’s skin, works well against red spots and your skin becomes less sagging.

During the massage, attention is focused on loosening the connective tissue trigger points and the (deeper located) muscles. After the massage you immediately feel more space and you experience a deeper relaxation! During a Deep Tissue Massage, neck, shoulders, back, pelvis, buttocks and legs will be massaged. This is done is a slow, powerful and deep movements with fingers, thumbs, fists, forearm, elbow or a bamboo sticks is being used.

Besides that, here at Massage San Jose Costa Rica we also put a lot of work is your muscles. This will optimize energy flow and reduces tension and stress. The combination of various in-depth techniques, makes that we can go deeper than with your regular sports massage. Muscles and connective tissue we can treated at a deep level. By the way, we always check of the deep tissue massage is not getting to intense. But when you experience an unpleasant feeling during the massage? Please do not hesitate and tell our therapist.

Sports massage therapy

Sports massage is a special massage that has a preventive, but also a healing function. Our Sports massage therapists helps you loosen the muscles, improve your performance and prevent injuries.

What is sports massage?

If you use your muscles intensively, you also need more maintenance. Our therapists know the body of not only athletes but also non athletes well. They can adjust the massage treatments accordingly your needs. Our specialists can also the preform aid after sports accidents they gather body parts before a competition or training.

Sports massage can have different goals. Some of our massages are meant to improve performance, Other massages are intent to promote recovery. Also afterwards (as part of a cooling down) an alethic massage is beneficial. Even when your injury is repaired, sometimes massage therapy can have been seen a part of a larger treatment process.
Sports massage is not only for athletes. Even if you do recreational sports, taking a sports massage is a good idea.

Thai massage session performed

Thai massage by a professional!

Find out what Thai massage can offer you. Read about the benefits, the techniques, the Contraindications. Also, you will find more information about the sessions and what we from Massage San Jose Costa Rica expect from you.

About massage San Jose Costa Rica?

  1. We offer professional and high-quality massage treatments! We can guarantee that. Our therapists have the experience,  the right knowledge, and attitude to give a great service. Our therapists also receive training and if needed coaching to help them giving a great service.
  2. Lorena Moreno Echeverri is the person who keeps track of the quality of massage services we offer. She is a qualified massage instructor who has received her education at the ISES university in Colombia. Later, when she finished university she became an instructor at the same university and teach the students all about massage and beauty.  After a few years, Lorena made the decision to explore parts of the world and explore here working field. The main goal is to develop as a professional and as a person.  Now after working and living in Canada, South Korea, the United States, the Netherlands, she established here own Massage company since 2014 here in Costa Rica. Do you want to know more about Lorena?  Do not hesitate to ask! You can email us or call us.
  3. We specialize in massages. Our customers can, therefore, choose from a wide range of massage techniques. We offer relax massage, sports massage, thai massage, hot stone massage, couples massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, and reflexology.
  4. We are flexible and our service is customer-oriented. If you would like a massage now and you are located within the working area of us, we can in most cases offer you a great massage within 12 hours.

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