Why do people choose a deep tissue massage?​

In the days before or in the days after a considerable and intensive physical effort, you can book a deep tissue massage. This can prevent injuries or when you already suffering from an injury it can prevent more damage. Also, good massage therapy can speed up your recovery process. To conclude, regularly undergoing deep Tissue massage offers various health benefits.

What is the effect of powerful deeper massage?​

A powerful and deeper massage improves the blood circulation in your muscles, so that waste is removed more quickly. This promotes the recovery of your body and prevents injuries due to overloading your muscles. Because both massages are quite firm, they are not suitable straight before or straight after exercise.

Because this would put too much strain on your muscles and you would experience a disadvantage rather than an advantage. If you want to get a massage just before you make a big effort, always opt for a massage that does not burden your muscles too much. A relaxation massage at Massage San Jose Costa Rica is then a better choice.

deep tissue massage